March 7-11, 2012

Four Noble Truths

Ven. Bhikkhuni Dhammananda

   The Four Noble Truths (Cattāri ariyasaccāni in Pali) -the truth of suffering, the truth of origin of suffering, the truth of cessation of suffering, and the truth of the path leading to cessation- formed part of the first sermon Buddha gave after he attained enlightenment.  Buddha expounded this teaching in Deer Park, at Sarnath near Varanasi, and this teaching has been kept alive ever since.
In this 5-day program, Venerable Dhammananda will give commentary based on the Pali text on the Four Noble Truths Teaching. There will be morning and evening daily guided meditation. In addition, a small booklet will be available for participants to further their study and understanding.

Venerable Bhikkhuni Dhammananda

   Venerable Bhikkhuni Dharmmanada received her Ph.D degree in Buddhist studies from Magadh University and has worked as a professor of Buddhist studies and other eastern philosophies at Thammasat University in Bangkok for 30 years. She was ordained in 2001 and has pioneered a Theravada Bhikkhuni sangha in Thailand. The author of more than 80 books, many of which are translations and in both English and Thai, on the subjects of Buddhist history, environmental concern in Buddhism, and women and Buddhism, Venerable continues to write regularly on Buddhist issues for weekly magazines and newspapers.

   Since 1979, Venerable has participated in countless international conferences on Buddhism as well as on Women in Religions. She has received many awards in relation to her commitment to the Buddhist teaching and particularly in relation to women’s issues. Venerable is committed to establishing an order of ordained women in Thailand, where such status is neither available nor recognized, bringing about a better understanding of Buddhism to the larger public, and serving the Buddha in the best way she can.

  Venerable’s temple has become an international center for foreigners who seek to have a better understanding of Buddhism at both the philosophical and practical level. Many of her books on Buddhism are bilingual. She is one the very few learned scholars and ordained who is capable to offer teaching to both Thais and an international audience. Her role as educator is outstanding both in Thailand and abroad. Presently, Venerable is the abbot of Songdhammakalyani Monastery in Thailand.

Daily teaching schedule:
9-12 noon and 2-4pm

Tea break: 10-10:30am

Chanting of the Four Noble Truths in Pali
led by Raji Ramanana (optional): 4:30-5:30pm