14-16 April

Heart Sutra Workshop

with Dr. Kurt J. Schwalbe

Heart Sutra Workshop with Dr. Kurt J. Schwalbe 

14-16 April

The Meaning and Uses of the Heart Sutra


The Heart Sutra is perhaps the most famous and well loved Buddhist scripture, recited daily by many people around the world. Although it contains the "the Buddhist teachings in a nutshell," many people find it quite puzzling. As we unravel its meaning and seek its origin, we will look at the sutra's function in Buddhist literature as both philosophy and magic. We will also consider the viewpoints of several commentators who have interpreted the Sutra as religious polemic, ecological parable and a  quantum physics.  Bring your favorite English translation. 

On the third day, we will read the Heart Sutra in Tibetan. Although all are welcome, it will be most enjoyed by people who have had at least an introductory course in Classical Tibetan.