April 24-29, 2012

Tuning Fork Film Workshop

Ankit Pogula and Sachi Maniar

Tuning Fork Film Workshops are about learning how to make films with minimum resources, how to get creative in filmmaking and above all how to evaluate the relevance of what one wants to convey through this powerful and captivating medium.

During the course of the workshop, through different exercises and activities participants will learn to script, storyboard, shoot, edit and finally export one’s 'own' film. It is a process that involves creativity, teamwork and self-reflection.

Module I: Film appreciation

  • Medium of film - its impact and outreach
  • Different kinds of cinema such as, documentary, independent and mainstream cinema
  • Relationship between media and society. Who determines the content, treatment? Are films reflective of a society or the other way around?
  • Social and creative engagement and experiments in independent and documentary cinema today

Module II: Filmmaking, Video Documentation and Technology

  • Medium of film – how an idea is transformed into a visual story
  • Process of filmmaking – scripting, story boarding, shooting, editing
  • Using a Video Camera – basics of video and photography & Visual Aesthetics
  • Basics of Video Editing & Video Technology (digital & analog media)
  • Relevance of sound and music in a film
  • Practicalities of Finances & Budgets on making films
  • Making a film – from start to finish.

This workshop is for anyone with an interest in films and/or filmmaking. Individuals, students, professionals, NGOs and whosoever is keen on exploring making films with just a camera and a PC, and is looking to understand some fundamentals on how to go about it. Aspiring filmmakers might find this workshop particularly useful.


Ankit Pogula is an independent filmmaker and trainer, based out of Delhi. An alumnus of Mass Communication and Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, Ankit has been using film as a medium to engage with urban and rural youth over the last 8 years on issues of Identity, Relationships, Development and Environment. He has also been facilitating filmmaking and value & peace education workshops across India for different organisations, students, teachers and professionals.

Sachi Maniar is a filmmaker based out of Mumbai. She has been making documentaries, music videos, TV commercials and short films since she was 18 years old. She was selected as a Metta Mentors Fellow 2009 at Berkley, U.S., where she made a feature length documentary on non-violence. Sachi is passionate about service, travelling, trekking and photography. She believes that film is a powerful visual medium that can bring people together who would otherwise never have the opportunity to learn from each other’s stories.

Cost: Rs 8800 per participant (includes boarding and lodging) 

Maximum Participants: 20

Teaching will be in English

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Ankit +91-9810146679, ankitpogula@gmail.com

Sachi +91-992087743, sachimaniar@gmail.com

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* Tuning Fork Film Workshops were earlier conducted under the name of ‘Sight & Sound Film Workshops’