April 9-11, 2011

Writing Out Loud - Opening Hearts and Changing Minds

Janet Thomas

We are in an a global struggle against economic, social and cultural injustice. How do we use our writing to make a difference? Effective and meaningful writing about important issues embraces the human story as well as the collective predicament. It offers possibilities for change as it exposes the impossible tragedies of these times. It gives hope as it embraces despair. It illuminates the interdependence that sees us through. This workshop explores rage, anger and despair and the ways in which they can become useful on the page through thoughtful, impassioned writing.

About Janet Thomas:
Janet was born in Wales and raised in various homes and gardens across Canada and the U.S. Her first introduction to Buddhism came through the work of writers Kenneth Rexroth and Gary Snyder in 1969. For 40 years she has practiced paying attention and is profoundly grateful to all her Buddhist teachers for their unfailing devotion to truth and transcendence.

Her writing encompasses plays – produced from L.A. to NYC; travel writing – from books about hostels to editor-in-chief of SPA Magazine; non-fiction – from the "Battle in Seattle – The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations" to the recently published memoir, "Redemption Song in Dharamsala – A Memoir of Life Lost and Found." She lives, writes and teaches on San Juan Island in the northwest corner of Washington State in the U.S.