November 8 - December

Zazen Retreat

Venerable Sudhammacara (Ippo Ryodo)

Deer Park is honoured to host another series of retreats and teachings led by Venerable Sudhammacara (Ippo Ryodo).

Ven. Sudhammacara was originally ordained in the Japanese Soto Zen tradition, practicing and teaching zazen meditation for more than 18 years in Japan and the US. In 2001, he took bhikku ordination in the Burmese Theravadan forest monk tradition, and trained in shamatha (calm abiding) and vipassana (insight) meditation in Burma and Sri Lanka. He has also studied Tibetan Buddhism under Trulshik Rinpoche and Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

He has been a regular visiting teacher at Deer Park since 2007.During the month of November, Ven Sudhammacara will lead several silent mindfulness retreats, as well as daily meditations and dharma talks. More details will be announced soon.