30th March - 1st April

‘Music Sadhana, a Path to a Spiritual Alchemy’

Shri Suresh Vyas

Synopsis of ‘Music Sadhana, a Path to a Spiritual Alchemy’

This 3 day workshop is an effort to go on a journey through music from being a Seeker to a Sadhak and a Sadhak to a Guru.

The Journey with Music can be for many a spiritual journey. It could be like embarking on a journey not quite knowing what one is seeking or maybe running away from or where the destination lies, and if there is a destination at all. Just when we think that we may have found the path, new roads emerge and self doubt will take over and the turmoil may take the form of a demon in the mind. The Guru, will be the one who will help to slay the dragon through Sadhana.

The workshop will cover the evolution and the coming of full circle from being a student to becoming a teacher and will dwell upon the obstacles and the joys along the way , the Eureka Momentsand the daily drudge. The highs the lows and the constant endeavor to balance the inner journey with outer realities.

The workshop will be interspersed by music recitals that will in a way capture the different moods and emotions as encountered on this journey.

About Suresh Vyas:
Shri Suresh Vyas is a musician playing Indian classical music on the Sarod. He is a disciple since 1985 of Guru-
ma Annapurna Devi, daughter of Ustād ‘Baba’ Allauddin Khan, who is the founder of the Senia-Maihar Gharānā tradition. He started in 1983 under the initial tutelage of Shri Dhyanesh Khan.

Shri SureshVyashas performed at several venues all over India. His performances reflect the meditative dhrupad style of the Senia-Maihar Gharana. He conducts lecture-demonstrations and master classes on music. He is fluent in explaining the intricacies of his music in both, English and Hindi. His students learn through the traditional One on One Guru Shishya Parampara.

Suresh Vyas has a Bachelor of Science degree in physics. Earlier he studied vocal music with Pandit Govind Prasad Jaipurwale and Pandita Neela Nagpurkar. He has trained in Tabla with Pandit Taranath Rao and Pundit Jagdamba Prasad. 



Schedule Details 





  • Morning Rendition on Sarod
  • Meditating on the sound of the Tanpura
  • Introduction and Expectation Setting
  • Mindful listening



  • Journey of the confused seeker
  • Finding the Path and then paths within paths
  • Realization of  the need for a Guru




  • Meditation on ambient sound
  • Understanding the Guru-Shishya relationship
  • Seminal changes brought about by Guru 


  • The medium , the means not the end
  • An overview  of the instrument
  • Evening Rendition





  • Meditation on Sound of the Sarod
  • Teaching is learning again – perpetual cycle
  • Handholding the Shishya



  • Changes in Guru Shishya pedagogy
  • Interaction and Q and A with participants
  • Evening Rendition