23-24th September


Teachings by Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

MIND TRAINING (LOJONG) by Gyalwa Yangönpa


Gyalwa Yangönpa (1213-58), whose actual name was Gyaltsen Pal, was a highly eclectic master who received teachings from all the principal spiritual lineages of his time, including Kadam, Dzokchen, Kagyü mahāmudrā, Sakya path and fruits, and the cutting-off teachings of chöd. His teachers included the famous Sakya Pandita, Godrakpa, and most importantly, the great Drukpa Kagyü master Götsangpa Gönpo Dorjé (1189-1258). Yangönpa is most remembered for his vast collection of experiential songs and the cycle of three works collectvely known as “A Trilogy of Hermetic Teachings,” (ri chos skor gsum). It is interesting that Könchok Gyaltsen, the editor of our volume, chose to include this piece from Yangönpa in the present collection. Strictly speaking, this work does not belong to the mind training genre, though the resonance of Kadam instructions, especially from the well-known “Miscellaneous Sayings of Kadam Masters” is unmistakably discernible in some of the lists found here. The Tibetan text of this short piece found in the Lhasa Shöl edition, the basis of the critical edition on which this translation is based, has been compared and corrected against Yangönpa own Collected Works.